The three Phases of Unmanned Systems Defense will focus on a different step of the defense budget process, following funding from the President's Budget request, through Congressional authorization, to final appropriations.

Each Phase will feature three consecutive days of webinars with Pentagon brass, program managers, acquisition experts, and industry players to shed light on how the DoD is procuring and deploying unmanned systems.

Each day will focus in on a specific operational domain—maritime, air, or ground—though much of the content will also have implications across domains.

Phase I Phase I Agenda Phase I Speakers

On-Demand | Maritime

On-Demand | Air

On-Demand | Ground


Phase II — Agenda and Speakers Coming Soon

Tuesday, July 27 | Maritime

Wednesday, July 28 | Air

Thursday, July 29 | Ground


Phase III — Agenda and Speakers Coming Soon

Tuesday, October 19 | Maritime

Wednesday, October 20 | Air

Thursday, October 21 | Ground