Program Details Themes


  • Building Relationships with State, Local, and Tribal Stakeholders
  • BVLOS Operations
  • COAs / Waivers, LAANC vs FAADroneZone
  • Commercial Applications and Challenges – Infrastructure Inspection, Delivery, and More
  • Cross-Pollination: The International Approach to Drone Operationalization
  • Cyber Issues
  • Data-Driven Approach to Advancing Drone Integration
  • Equity of Access
  • Ethics in Autonomous Systems and Gaining Public Trust
  • Exemptions
  • Near-Term Integration Needs
  • Remote ID – Operational Compliance
  • SMS
  • Strategic Outlook for Cross-Cutting Research in Emerging UAS Operations
  • Type Certification
  • UAS Security
  • UTM Overview and Field Test Update
  • Workforce Development