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Deveron UAS Corp. to fly more farm acres with UAS thanks to partnership with FS PARTNERS

By AUVSI News posted 06-07-2017 15:58


Deveron UAS Corp., which provides enterprise drone data services for agriculture, and is a nationally compliant, Transport Canada-licensed UAS operator, has announced a collaboration with FS PARTNERS (FSP), which is a leading agronomy service provider in Ontario, Canada that has six hubs that span across the province.

As a result of the partnership, FSP will offer its customers Deveron’s on-demand UAS data service, and Deveron will fly more farm acres with UAS.

“This is yet another important relationship for us as it increases our market penetration in Ontario, where there are over 7 million acres of farmland,” says David MacMillan, Deveron’s President & CEO.

“It also highlights the value of Deveron’s business model, which is that farming companies don’t want to own drones - they want to focus on making decisions from data that help their customers grow crops more efficiently.”

Steve Rongits, Agronomy and Energy Risk Manager at FSP, adds, “our new partnership with Deveron allows for greater efficiency in our operations, and greater coverage by air. This will allow for even more precision agronomy opportunities across our service area, allowing more local growers to optimize their efforts in real time in the field.”

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