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AkitaBox partners with PrecisionHawk to use UAS technology for facility inspections

By AUVSI News posted 29-06-2017 11:24


AkitaBox, which is a facility management software company that automates maintenance, planning and inspections, has announced a partnership with commercial UAS and data company PrecisionHawk, which will result in the two working together to integrate aerial data into the facility management workflow.  

Through the partnership, AkitaBox’s customers will have access to PrecisionHawk’s UAS packages and services to improve visibility for inspections, surveys and scans of a worksite. AkitaBox is hopeful that by offering better data capture capabilities, it will advance technology in the facility management space, which can ultimately yield better business outcomes for its clients.

“AkitaBox understands the facilities process and the gaps that drone data can fill,” says Jeff Freund, VP Construction at PrecisionHawk.

“By integrating PrecisionHawk technology they are providing their customers with another layer of information on top of their already robust software platform.” 

Using PrecisionHawk’s platform, a UAS can be flown to capture data and automatically generate a 3D point cloud, 2D orthographic views and 3D mesh data models. This information can be fed into AkitaBox, and utilized for further analysis and long term planning.

“PrecisionHawk brings an easy to use, cost effective and timely platform that gives our clients a complete picture of their external assets that can be used for everything from facility maintenance to cost planning,” says Josh Lowe, Chief Customer Officer at AkitaBox.

PrecisionHawk’s Smarter Package includes a UAS equipped with sensors and software that allow for “the automatic, visual assessment of all external areas of a site and places that otherwise would be difficult to see.”

Through this process, a project manager no longer needs to physically inspect every aspect of a site.

The PrecisionHawk Smarter Package is also extremely supportive of urban property management, as it allows for users to cover a larger area and receive close to real time data without resolution limitations.

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