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Microdrones’ md4-1000 UAS added to Transport Canada's list of Compliant Unmanned Air Systems

By AUVSI News posted 28-06-2017 12:55


Transport Canada (TC) has added Microdrones’ md4-1000 UAS to its exclusive list of Compliant Unmanned Air Systems, making Microdrones one of just eight companies in the world to earn such a distinction.

In order to earn compliance, Microdrones had to submit an assortment of application materials, including flight, maintenance, and systems design manuals. 

“This compliance means that our platform meets a certain level of safety and will provide users with the opportunity to become a TC-compliant organization, gaining access to all the related advantages," says Sebastien Long, Microdrones' Sales Manager for Canada

"We are proud to have achieved compliance and it is especially meaningful that it was granted by Transport Canada."

Operators who are deemed compliant by Transport Canada may be granted greater geographic flexibility, allowing them to potentially conduct beyond visual line of sight flights, as well as flights in restricted areas, and closer to airports or cities.

Operators may also benefit from “extended validity, streamlined renewal, and priority processing of Special Flight Operations Certificates (SFOC).” 

Known for developing the world’s first commercial quadcopter, Microdrones’ mdMapper platforms are especially beneficial to the industry when it comes to flights involving aerial surveying and mapping.

The mdMapper packages include everything that a company needs to get started, including the aircraft, sensors, and software.  

The mdMapper packages that include the compliant md4-1000 UAS are the mdMapper1000 and the mdMapper1000DG. Each have their own unique capabilities that make them stand out.

Capable of extra-long flight times, the mdMapper1000 can withstand harsh environmental conditions, making it an ideal choice for applications such as surveying, mapping, inspection, and construction.

The mdMapper1000DG includes the same benefits as the mdMapper1000, and adds the power of direct georeferencing, which combine to produce the “best possible accuracy and time savings with no ground control points.”

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