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2023 Partners

Partner support enables the Summit to maintain high quality educational content and a collaborative attendee experience. Most critically, their leadership in the community continues to enable the safe integration of AAM!

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About Our Partners:


Deloitte US Drone Services brings the technical capabilities, relationships, and subject-matter proficiency to help clients navigate the disruptive and emerging world of UAS and AAM.

Maryland Department of Commerce

The Maryland Department of Commerce supports aerospace businesses in their pursuit of tomorrow’s technologies, helping you get from that first roll down the runway, through production, and on to a bright future over the furthest horizon. By offering a range of programs and resources tailored to industry specific needs and access to a world class workforce and cutting edge facilities, Commerce provides invaluable assistance to established Maryland businesses, emerging startups, and companies expanding into the Mid-Atlantic market. For more information, visit Business.Maryland.gov/aerospace.


Overair is a Southern California-based manufacturer of electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. Founded in 2020 as a spinoff of Karem Aircraft, a global leader in UAV technology, Overair is backed by a long-term strategic partner, the Hanwha Group of South Korea. Their upcoming production aircraft, Butterfly, is set to be the quietest eVTOL with the capability to fly in a broad range of weather conditions. With best-in-class payload capabilities, Butterfly boasts the ability to carry five passengers (plus a pilot) and luggage, as well as a multitude of additional configurations, including cargo and medical transport.

Public Relations: Kim Jennett kjennett@overair.com. Sales inquiries: Gonzalo Ramos gramos@overair.com.

Reliable Robotics

Reliable Robotics is building technology to make aviation safer and save lives. Our FAA-certifiable system enables continuous autopilot engagement through all phases of flight, including auto-taxi, auto-takeoff, and auto-landing. This automation will significantly reduce fatal accidents, such as controlled flight into terrain and loss of control in flight. Starting with a certification-forward approach, Reliable Robotics demonstrated gate-to-gate fully automated operation of regional cargo aircraft and is working towards commercialization of technologies for FAR Part 23 and Part 25 vehicles.

Trusted Operator™

The AUVSI Trusted Operator™ fills the gap between minimally prescriptive operating regulations, such as the FAA’s Part 107, and a higher level of demonstrated knowledge, flight proficiency, safety and risk management practices that is expected to be valued by employers and customers of commercial UAS operators.
Earn the AUVSI Trusted Operator™ Certification and set your career apart from others in the remote pilot industry.

Tulsa Innovation Labs

Tulsa Innovation Labs is a non-profit dedicated to creating an inclusive innovation economy in Tulsa, Oklahoma with a focus on four right-to-win industries: Advanced air mobility, cyber, virtual health, and energy tech. TIL launches public-private partnerships that leverage the region’s competitive advantage in AAM - promoting innovative R&D, investment, entrepreneurship, and workforce development. In 2022, TIL led strategy for a regional coalition that received a nearly $70 million grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce and private partners to develop a world-class AAM ecosystem in Tulsa.

UPS Flight Forward

UPS Flight Forward Inc. earned the FAA’s first standard Part 135 Air Carrier Certificate in 2019. Today, a better not bigger framework guides our focus to influence the industry, regulatory environment and technology development to help advance Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (UAS) and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM).


Wisk is an advanced air mobility (AAM) company dedicated to delivering safe, everyday flight for everyone. Wisk’s self-flying, eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) air taxi will make it possible for passengers to skip the traffic and get to their destination faster. Wisk is a fully-owned Boeing subsidiary that operates separately from Boeing. The company is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, with locations around the world. With over a decade of experience and over 1600 test flights, Wisk is shaping the future of daily commutes and urban travel, safely and sustainably.