Past Chapter Events

International Drone Day 2019 at Sierra Verde STEAM School Team Arizona Moxie Girls
Hosted by Sierra STEAM School in Glendale, AZ, the AUVSI Saguaro Chapter donated 3 DJI Tellos (including Iron Man Edition). Yavapai College, Women Who Drone, Gresco Technologies and Peoria Police Department represented and provided demo's to the crowd! A huge thank you to those folks who inspired these students.

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AUVSI at Aerospace Day 2019 at the Arizona Capitol

Hosted by the Aerospace States Association, AUVSI Saguaro Chapter participated in the 2019 Aerospace Day at the State Capitol. The goal of the event was to educate legislators on the commercial uses of UAS, including agriculture, ranching, mining operations, inspections, real estate and security.

Demonstrations and displays by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Worldwide, the first academic institution to receive the Trusted Operator Program (TOP) certification from AUVSI, and Yavapai College capitalized on the emerging markets for drone technology and importance of federal aviation regulations, local and state protocols and consensus-based industry standards. Legislators and citizens learned about the uses and economic impact of the aerospace industry, specifically UAS, in Arizona.


AUVSI Saguaro and Aerospace Arizona UAS Summit

Arizona - November 7-9, 2018
:  AUVSI Saguaro Chapter partnered with Aerospace Arizona Association and the Arizona State University to host a 3rd edition of Arizona’s UAS Summit. The event brought together some 100 industry, legislative, regulatory and academic specialists on the ASU Polytechnic Campus in Mesa, Arizona that is making a name for itself in this fast-paced industry.

With delegations and speakers from North Carolina, Texas, Canada and Israel, State, inter-state and international collaboration was on display throughout a two-day program that included industry visits and social events. A dedicated Remote Pilots Council (RPC) session was co-hosted at the summit to provide opportunity to include local enthusiasts in a continually changing legislative and regulatory landscape.

AUVSI Saguaro and American Airlines

May 4, 2018

American Airlines and the Saguaro Chapter held “May the 4th be with you” event to celebrate drones and their uses and to educate the American Airlines Technical Operations employees about the many good things drones are used for. This event came a day before International Drone Day. DJI Arizona/Innovative UAS provided a pop-up drone cage and DJI products for employee hands on experience at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport American Airlines Technical Support Hangar Facility. They demoed a DJI Matrice 210 that showcased the potential for exceptional imagery around an Airbus aircraft. Other events were held at American Airlines facilities in Dallas, TX and Tulsa, OK simultaneously. Monica England, AUVSI San Diego Lindbergh Chapter, provided contacts for resources in Tulsa, OK and Dallas, TX. Drone demos and presentations by Gabe Graveline, Tulsa Fire and Midwest Regional Director of Drone Pilot Inc., Jackie Smithson, Broken Arrow PD, Gene Robinson, Bryl Garrett and Jonathan Jacobs were some of the many speakers that volunteered their time to offer insights and priceless knowledge share into the drone industry. After the event, AUVSI Saguaro sponsored a DJI Tello giveaway for an American Airlines Technical Operations IT employee.


AUVSI Saguaro and Sierra Verde STEM Academy

March-May 2018

Saguaro Chapter co-sponsored the first Sierra Verde STEM Academy drone club. The 6th-8th grade students learn how to program, fly and take aerial photography lessons using Parrott Mambo’s and DJI Mavic Air’s. In the upcoming year, the students will have the challenge of solving problems in their neighborhood using drone technology as well as learn about the various careers in UAS by Skyping or meeting with industry leaders. Please contact Lorie Grabham (Lorie.Grabham@aerospacearizona.org) if you would like to volunteer your time to inspire and talk with the students of the club.


AUVSI Saguaro and ASU Research Enterprise

May 10-11, 2018

AUVSI Saguaro participated as judges for the Annual Innovation Challenge competition hosted by ASU’s Research Enterprise, a nonprofit arm of the university that connects applied research and development with the Department of Defense, federal agencies and the intelligence community. The competition was between student teams that had to design and showcase a drone system to help rescuers find survivors in a disaster environment.


March 17-18, 2018- Luke Days
AUVSI Saguaro chapter participated in The Future of Airpower LUKE DAYS 2018 by engaging the community in showcasing STEAM CITY, a program with immersive learning opportunities for children and young adults of all ages.


What's Hot

Saguaro Chapter in the March-April 2019 Unmanned Systems Magazine
Saguaro Chapter appoints Matt Mintzmyer as RPC Leader

AUVSI Saguaro Chapter’s newly appointed Remote Pilot Council Leader, Matthew Mintzmyer, has undeniably dedicated himself to the fast evolving industry of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). Mintzmyer, who is also the Associate Professor of Aviation at Yavapai College (YC), is a Navy Seals Veteran who spent 10 years in active duty and is now in the Reserves as a Scan Eagle drone pilot. Having spent much of his time in combat search and rescue in H60 helicopters, Mintzmyer then decided to achieve full certification in both helicopter and fixed-wing flight as both a pilot and an instructor. He now holds 14 Federal Aviation ratings. In 2014, Mintzmyer decided to expand his expertise by starting up the UAS program at Yavapai College. Mintzmyer is being sure to stay on top of the trend, paving the way for UAS expansion by not only developing and teaching the UAS program at YC, but also by dedicating a vast amount of time and energy into public speaking and volunteer work throughout Arizona and other Western States. The Saguaro Chapter is proud to welcome Mintzmyer to the team.


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    Women and Drones provide a platform for women to share best practices and their preferences for products and services.We feature the perspectives of women in the UAV industry and create a community for women to connect, engage, collaborate and learn. Recently, Lorie Grabham, President, Saguaro Chapter was featured in an interview. Her interview can be found:

    Her Idea Turned Out To Be A Winner!




    Saguaro Chapter Goals

    The Saguaro Chapter’s goals for 2019 will be anchored on four main pillars:

    • Promote economic development of the unmanned systems industry in Arizona through advocacy and by leveraging the expertise in industry, academia and governments from within and outside the state of Arizona.
    • Educate: As a recognized resource for information, technical expertise and academic outreach, provide support to academic institutions and workforce development agencies to build and attract a qualified labor pool of (future) experts.
    • Collaborate: Create a conducive, collaborative and structured environment through partnerships with councils, boards, test sites and other organizations that extend national and international testing to Arizona.
    • Grow chapter membership that will represent Arizona’s public, private and academic unmanned systems and robotic community.

    Chapter main focus:

    With a mission of representing and extending AUVSI’s reach, our chapter focuses on promoting, encouraging and extending safe use and deployment of unmanned systems in Arizona. The accompanying result is a natural draw for new and renewed individual and organizational memberships that will help the chapter grow in 2019.


    Serve as Arizona’s forum for advancing unmanned systems and robotics by: promoting Arizona’s comparative advantages in aerospace and defense; connecting our members with  experts and thought-leaders from the technical, business, policy, and educational sectors; and advocating for the continued adoption of unmanned systems.