The tasks of the committees are outlined below with the addition of any task assigned by the Board or President.  Recommendations are to be made by the committees to the Board prior to actions being taken.

 Governance (Leadership)

This committee is responsible for the health and functioning of the board. It recruits new board members, conducts orientation, produces board materials, and evaluates the performance of the board itself.  This committee, staffed by the President, is arguably the most important of the three.  It is responsible for ensuring the effectiveness of the current board and for recruiting tomorrow's leaders.

Membership, Marketing, & Communications (Marketing)

This committee will pursue opportunities where it can best promote the organization to increase sponsorship and membership. The Committee will review the foundation membership structure and recommend any necessary changes to the Board, conduct the annual membership renewal drive, and develop a marketing membership strategy for each stakeholder group.  The Committee will also review opportunities for obtaining outside funding such as (writing) grants to promote the development of the organization. The Committee is also responsible for the development, reproduction, and dissemination of AMF promotional materials. This Committee is responsible for is to foster and improve the flow of information and ideas between with the membership and interested community groups plus support of the Foundation Committees.  Specific attention will be given to web site content, newsletter preparation, and brochures.


The Events committee oversees development and implementation of the Fundraising Plan; identifies and solicits funds from external sources of support. It is responsible for developing volunteer leadership at the Board level for “giving and getting” and creating a structure and process for identifying individual and major gifts prospects, soliciting major gifts, and following up on solicitations.  It is also responsible for overall planning and coordination of promotional and membership activities processes.


The Finance committee’s function is to plan and support audit of a major functions, e.g., finances, programs or organizational issues.  The committee will contract with (as required) and consult with the nonprofit’s audit or accounting firm, review the auditor’s reports, review the nonprofit’s accounting policies and internal financial controls, and deal with disputes between the outside auditor and nonprofit management staff.  Additionally the committee is charged with handling whistleblower investigations.  The chair of the Finance Committee (or designee) acts RMAUVSI’s Compliance Officer.


The Executive committee or President from time to time may designate and appoint additional or ad-hoc committees.  All committees shall be given an explicit charge and shall serve at the pleasure of the Board.