The Role of each member of the Executive Committee of RMAUVSI is to further the mission of the RMAUVSI throughout the community.  Service as a member of the Executive Committee is considered to be a public trust, because the RMAUVSI is responsible for raising funds to assist RMAUVSI’s service to society.  The Board of Directors supports the staff in the furtherance of the RMAUVSI’s mission.

Duties and Responsibilities of Board Members.

Maintain membership in the AUVSI.
Commit 5-10 hours per month to RMAUVSI, including attendance at Board meetings.
Attend at least 75 percent of the Board meetings which are currently held quarterly.Individual circumstances will be taken into consideration when enforcing this requirement.
Serve on at least one committee of the Board and/or hold an office according to the needs of RMAUVSI.
Actively support RMAUVSI.
Attend RMAUVSI activities.Attend community activities and/or government functions as requested. 


5+ (odd number) members, as specified in the By-Laws
Have interest, background, or experience in advancing the unmanned systems and robotics.
Have community connections.
Have financial and/or fundraising experience.
Have public relations and/or media experience.
Have legal experience, particularly in non-profits.