About Us

Current Leadership

President Adam Robertson, Fortem Technologies Inc. 
Vice President     John Minor, Unmanned Vehicle University
Secretary Vacant
Randy Sylvester, L-3 Communications
Government Liaison
Marshall Wright, Governor's Office for Economic Development

Represented Companies and Organizations:

  Autonomous Solutions, Inc.
  Governor's Office of Economic Development
Fortem Technologies Inc

  Inertial Sense
  Kairos Autonomi, Inc
  Inertial Sense
  Kairos Autonomi, Inc
  Fortem Technologies Inc

Our Mission Statement and Goals

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Mountain West Chapter of AUVSI to provide a supportive environment for the growth and maintenance of a vibrant community that recognizes the inherent strength of its academic, industry and environmental attributes to be a “Center of Excellence” for Unmanned Systems and Robotics.

The Mountain West AUVSI Chapter has the following primary goals:

• To sponsor, promote and conduct charitable, educational and scientific activities designed to increase public awareness of unmanned systems technology.
• To promote public education in the field of unmanned systems technology through discussion groups, forums, panels and other programs.
• To provide grants or scholarships to aid in the formal training and education of individuals in unmanned systems technology.

How to Become a Member

Click this link to visit the AUVSI membership pages. Upon joining AUVSI, you will be able to set your affiliation to the Mountain West Chapter. If you have any questions or would like to attend a couple of meetings before you officially join, please email us.