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Preliminary Rules Roboboat 2014

  • 1.  Preliminary Rules Roboboat 2014

    Posted 25-10-2013 09:32
    I wanted to ask about the preliminary rules for the 2014 Roboboat competition. With the competition date already set I was curious as to when teams can expect to see the new rules. Any estimate or time-frame would work just fine. I do not know who is actually generating the rules for this year as it seemed as though Felix would not be returning for the 2014 competition. Any information regarding this topic would be appreciated.

    Andrew Watson
    Robotics Club at UCF
    Orlando FL
    United States

  • 2.  RE:Preliminary Rules Roboboat 2014

    Posted 25-10-2013 09:55
    Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for asking this question.  Actually, we are working on the preliminary rules now.  Not sure where you got the idea that Felix would not be returning - he is alive and well and working hard on the rules.  We hope to have something posted very soon for you.  We have been working to finalize the rules for the new Maritime RobotX Challenge competition and the challenges for RoboBoat will be in line with the Maritime RobotX Challenge.

    Please remember that this forum is no longer being used for the RoboBoat competition.  Felix posted an update very recently concerning the preliminary rules on the RoboNation forum and all RoboBoat competitior communication will be posted on that forum.  Here is a link to Felix's most recent post for your reference.

    Feel free to send me an e-mail anytime with questions at koch@....


    Cheri Koch
    AUVSI Foundation
    Arlington VA
    United States