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Wrapping up RoboBoat 2012

  • 1.  Wrapping up RoboBoat 2012

    Posted 29-06-2012 14:41
    Hello everyone! Hopefully you are back home safely.

    I'm excited to tell you that we now have all of the RoboBoat 2012 video recaps and many of the photos up on the RoboBoat website, We'll add the prize money/check photos to our Flickr photostream by Monday so you can download any of our photos for your use (just please acknowledge the AUVSI Foundation or RoboBoat).

    So to properly wrap-up a great competition, I would like to ask you to do the following:

    1 - Visit to check out the video recaps and nearly 200 event photos. Feel free to embed any of these on your team's websites, Facebook pages, etc.
    2 - Send us your resume if you haven't done so already
    3 - Complete the student survey - we are collecting data on the students that participate in our competitions. This information is essential to ensure RoboBoat continues to get bigger and better each year. 
    4 - JOIN ROBONATION.ORG - Go to, join the RoboSocial and invite your friends! In the future, we'll be offering members of the community access to discounts at many robotics related websites, online training sessions, and much much more.

    For those of you who have graduated, good luck in your next endeavor - please stay in touch with us through the RoboNation website (look for the AUVSI Foundation Competition Alumni Group). And for those of you returning next year for the 6th Annual RoboBoat Competition, send us your theme ideas. It will be hard to top 2012's poker theme (have you seen the themed team intro on but we'll try...

    Have a great summer!

    Wendy Siminski
    Deputy Director 
    AUVSI Foundation
    Arlington VA
    United States