RoboSub Competition


  • 1.  Video

    Posted 07-11-2012 12:53
    Our team was just wondering if the video of our runs was going to be made available to us? We seem to remember being told so at the competition.

    Mike Bujold
    Project Team Leader
    Autonomous Robotic Vehicle Project
    University of Alberta
    Edmonton AB

  • 2.  RE:Video

    Posted 08-11-2012 16:05
    Yes Daryl Davidson mentioned that he would make the video of the runs available. I  sent him an email back a few months ago and he did not respond. I wonder who we have to contact to get a copy?

    Faridodin "Fredi" Lajvardi
    Carl Hayden High School, Falcon Robotics Team
    Phoenix, Arizona
    United States


  • 3.  RE:Video

    Posted 08-11-2012 16:08

    I can shake a few tress and see what falls out.
    David Novick
    Sandia National Laboratories
    Albuquerque NM
    United States


  • 4.  RE:Video

    Posted 08-11-2012 17:43
    Log into the website for the live webcast.
    The entire (about 3 day?) webcast is available in all its glory:

    The hardest part will be figuring out which sections you want. The DownloadHelper extension from Firefox helped to actually capture the feed.
    Best of luck with it, it was a paint to figure out.

    I believe the following link is to the file,3,300,262&r=TGPLY&g=ZYNXLLQBJKYR&seek=187237
    and I believe changing the last number "seek=..." which change at what time the download starts so you don't get like a 30GB file.

    Best of luck.

    Kevin Fuhr
    Cornell University Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
    Ithaca NY
    United States


  • 5.  RE:Video

    Posted 08-11-2012 22:46
    Hi all,

    Our videographer's response to the initial question is below.  If you send a flash drive, please make sure you send a postage paid return envelope and let them know what team you are from.  

    All teams who have requested a video, we've worked out something with them where they send us a drive with return shipping and we copy all of the footage we have for their team onto it.  Based on how we shoot the competition, we don't always have footage for all of the runs.  We definitely have footage for the Sunday Finals, but not always for the qualifying rounds.  If they are able to send a thumbdrive, we have about 12 GB of footage for that team (who made the initial request) I can copy it over and send it back to them.
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    Cheri Koch
    Administrative Asst
    AUVSI Foundation
    Arlington VA
    United States