Breakout Session #11

New Innovations in Intersection Control with Cooperative Automation

Monday, July 9, 1:30 PM – 5:30 PM
Room: Golden Gate 7



  • Yiheng Feng, Assistant Research Scientist, University of Michigan;
  • Mehdi Zamanipour, National Research Council Fellow, National Academies of Sciences – Federal Highway Administration;
  • Jia Hu, Hundred Talents Program Professor, Tongji University;


  • Lei Chen, RISE Viktoria
  • Ginger Goodin, Texas Transportation Institute
  • Xiaoyu (Sky) Guo, Texas A&M University
  • Glenn Havinoviski, ITERIS
  • Larry Head, University of Arizona
  • Sogand Karbalaei, Louisiana State University
  • Cheryl Lawrance, VHB
  • Michael Levin, University of Minnesota
  • Henry Liu, University of Michigan
  • Michael Mercer, Noblis
  • Alex Skabardonis, University of California at Berkele
  • Dale Thompson, USDOT
  • Xianfeng Yang, University of Utah

Session Description

This breakout session will consider potential effects of different cooperative automation technologies in controlling signalized junctions. The main goal is to find the roles of both infrastructure and vehicles in decision-making and control decisions. The focus is on how vehicles and infrastructure can cooperate toward safer and more efficient intersection operations. Both national and international research projects in this area will be presented to explore a better understanding of the current issues and future needs. Presentations will seek insights from research advances in the first session and practical implementations in the second session.


  • Deployment projects outcomes and lessons learned (e.g. SPAT Challenge, CV Pilots, CV Deployment Test Beds)
  • Potential integration of individual vehicle data (e.g. trajectory data) into signal control
  • Investigating multi-modal, multi-objective control strategies (e.g., human driven vehicles, pedestrian, bike, bus, truck, AV, EV as different modes and total delay, passenger delay, delay equity as different objectives)


1:30 PM – 3:00 PM
New Innovations in Intersection Control with Cooperative Automation – Research Advances


  • Xianfeng (Terry) Yang (University of Utah)
    Title: Real-time Urban Arterial Signal Control under Connected Automated Vehicle.
  • Alex Skabardonis, David Kan (University of California, Berkeley)
    Title: Integrating Freeway and Arterial Traffic Control under a Vehicle-to- Infrastructure Communications Environment.
  • Clarck Letter (University of Florida)
    Title: Deployment and Testing of Optimized Autonomous and Connected Vehicle Trajectories at a Closed-Course Signalized Intersection.
  • Andreas Malikopoulos (University of Delaware)
    Title: Decentralized optimal control for connected automated vehicles at signal-free intersections.
  • Dale Thompson (USDOT)
    Title: FHWA/CAMP Traffic Optimization of Signalized Corridors through CAV Applications.

3:00 PM – 3:15 PM

3:15 PM – 4:45 PM
New Innovations in Intersection Control with Cooperative Automation – Deployment


  • Blaine Leonard (Utah DOT) Title: Utah V2I Deployment Projects.
  • Glen Havinoviski (Iteris) Title: Arterial Operations During the Transition to AVs.
  • Erik Ruehr (VRPA Technologies) Title: Challenges and Opportunities for Local Transportation Agencies With Cooperative Automation at Intersections.
  • Kevin Lee (Kittelson) Title: Learning moments in a connected world - Experiences from a large-scale transit signal priority implementation in Washington DC.
  • Mike Mercer (Noblis) Title: Status of ITS Standards for V2I Concepts.

4:45 PM – 5:00 PM

5:00 PM – 5:30 PM
New Innovations in Intersection Control with Cooperative Automation – Discussion and Conclusion


  • Yiheng Feng, University of Michigan
  • Mehdi Zamanipour, National Academies of Sciences – Federal Highway Administration
  • Jia Hu, Tongji University