Breakout Session #10

Building Automation into Urban and Metropolitan Mobility Planning

Monday, July 9, 1:30 PM – 5:30 PM
Room: Golden Gate 4


  • Siegfried Rupprecht, Rupprecht Consult – Forschung & Beratung GmbH
  • Scott Smith, US DOT, Volpe Center
  • Elizabeth Machek, US DOT, Volpe Center
  • Bart van Arem, Delft University of Technology

Session Description

Cities and regions are a very challenging implementation field for CAVs, and there is an animated debate about the most likely implementation paths and impacts to be expected under given contextual conditions. How can cities prepare for automation while there is still high uncertainty about how automation will develop and which impacts it will generate?

The primary audience for this breakout session are urban/ metropolitan planners and policy makers, as well as potential implementers of automation technology in cities and regions.


  • Compare how cities and metropolitan planning organizations are building automation into their planning and policy development processes.
  • Identify lessons learned by municipalities from automation pilots.
  • Examine automation from a public policy perspective and discuss how automation technologies can help cities and metropolitan regions to meet key policy goals.


The session will examine the following areas:

  • Building automation into long-range transport plans (US) sustainable urban mobility plans (EU) and other policy documents (and the processes that help produce them)
  • Methodologies and tools that help planners to reduce uncertainties in the planning process (e.g. scenario and use case development, models, other techniques)
  • Lessons learned and results emerging from pilots in cities and regions

The session will aim to bring together speakers from the US, Europe and Asia. A concluding panel discussion will aim to identify key elements of building automation into urban and regional mobility planning.

1:30 PM Introduction

  • Siegfried Rupprecht and Scott Smith

1:40 PM Planning for automation

  • Siegfried Rupprecht – Automation in the European Guidelines for Mobility Planning (SUMP)
  • John Corbin, FHWA – National Dialogue on Highway Automation

2:10 PM Methodologies and tools

  • Scott Smith, Volpe / US DOT – Modeling automation: Report from the TRB Innovations in Travel Modeling Conference, June 2018
  • Bart van Arem, TU Delft - Scenarios, Methods and Tools to Explore the Urban and Regional Mobility Impacts of Automated Driving
  • William Riggs, University of San Francisco - Hacking the Future of Streets: Participatory Design of Streets for Autonomous Vehicles

3:10 PM Break

3:20 PM Lessons learnt in cities 

  • Aernout Aki Ackerman, MRDH Metropolitan Region Rotterdam The Hague, The Automated Vehicles for the Last Mile Innovation Network
  • Augustin Wegscheider, Boston Consulting Group, Using Advanced Analytics to Inform Urban Mobility Planning
  • Melissa Ruhl, Arup, Regional Strategies for an Autonomous Future
  • Tilly Chang, SFCTA, New Mobility in San Francisco

4:20 PM Round Tables – What would you like to see in an automation action plan?
Discussed from different perspectives.  For example:

  • Long-range planning
  • Parking, curb space allocation
  • Infrastructure (road) owners
  • City services (snow removal, trash collection)
  • New mobility services, public transit
  • Freight and delivery services


  • What would be the main actions (now, 5+, 15+ years)
  • Which “golden rules”/ guiding principles would be included?
  • Which (emerging) good practice of planning for automation is available?

5:15 PM Summary
Reports from Round Tables (by moderators)