Updated US Military UAS Program Information

By Chris Mailey posted 11-12-2013 16:13


AUVSI’s Unmanned Systems Program Review is a great three days to get up to speed on the major happenings in unmanned systems. A major part of this program is updates from major government program officers from the US military. The US Army recently sent us an update to their slides to share.  For completeness, we are also sharing US Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force presentations, all linked here.


Air Force (from AUVSI Unmanned Systems 2013)


Marine Corps



If you missed USPR or Unmanned Systems, access to all videos from USPR can be purchased here (video, download proceedings if you attended) and Unmanned Systems here (video, download proceedings if you attended).

Some of the above presentations do not include details of the 2014 Defense Budget as it had not been released yet. AUVSI’s analysis of the budget can be accessed here.

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